About Us

Living rural there’s always a need for some practical boots – feeding the horses, collecting firewood, walking the trails. And ever since I saw Pumpkin Patch children’s gumboots I’ve wanted an adult sized pair. Beautiful colours and patterns, I always wondered why the kids should have all the fun?  So, continuing my habit for designing/creating what I can’t find, I took matters into my own hands and designed my own.
Hey Harry boots were born from the idea of a beautiful pair of patterned waterproof boots – that you could wear anywhere and turn heads at the same time!  They are, in my opinion, too good for JUST the garden and my wish is that they can be worn anywhere you want. From shopping at the local shops, walking to work in the rain, weekend festivals, walking the dog, country getaways and if you really, really want… gardening!


How come HARRY?

Harry is actually our dog – a HUGE black, fun, loving, energetic, zoomie-crazy wolfhound X poodle. Yes – a designer dog but not designer character!  He loves the water (we call him puddle dog), loves the bush, loves people, loves joining us for a coffee at our favourite café and turns heads everywhere he goes. He just loves life.  Pretty much what I wanted in a pair of gumboots – hence, the name Hey Harry was a natural fit.
Whether you live Rural, the Burbs, City or Coast – there’s certainly a practical reason for a pair of Harrys in your life.